Welcome to the 2023 VelocityX Climate Innovation Hackathon

Join us for the second annual VelocityX Hackathon on March 30-31, 2023!

2023 VelocityX Climate Innovation Hackathon Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Hackathon! Congratulations to the 2023 VelocityX Climate Innovation Hackathon Winners.

Marketing Strategy Challenge

  ● 1st Place - Team EcoAlert (Dylan Bridgewater, Zephaniah Seaforth, Nishtha Patel)

  ● 2nd Place -Team Climate Marketers (Ali Beshir)

Data Visualization Challenge

  ● 1st Place - Team Climate Coders (Hassan Turay)

  ● 2nd Place- Surge Protector.py (Ari Gaskins)

  ● 3rd Place - Interactive Map (Thomas Wills, Miracle Washington, Nevaeh McKinney)

  ● 3rd Place - Data Visualization Tools (Syreika Thorpe)

About the VelocityX: Climate Innovation Hackathon

The College of Southern Maryland (CSM), in partnership with Ensemble Consultancy and Brightidea, will implement a hybrid (virtual and in-person) climate innovation hackathon in March 2023. 


Invent, design, and test new solutions surrounding the impact of climate change. Join us and transform community climate problems into problem-solving opportunities!


In collaboration with Charles County Government, teams will be able to solve one of two challenges that address climate change issues:


1. Data Visualization Challenge

2. Marketing Strategy Challenge


Enter, build, and design solutions for either the Data Visualization Challenge or Marketing Strategy Challenge. Click the links above to learn more about each Challenge!


Be sure to check out the Challenge Resources for additional information to support each challenge.

Why should I participate in VelocityX Climate Innovation Hackathon?

VelocityX is an exciting and novel program, but its success relies on the active participation from people like you. By participating in VelocityX you can:


  • Make a real community impact addressing local climate-related challenges
  • Earn prize money from a $12,000 pool 
  • Get support and technical resources to build your entrepreneurial ideas
  • Get access to mentorship opportunities
  • Contribute to an innovative program to build your resume and professional network

How do I participate in VelocityX?

1. Learn about the Challenges. To participate in VelocityX you first should learn more about the two different challenge areas, the Velocity Center, and consider which problem and if you are more interested in doing the Data Visualization Challenge or Marketing Strategy Challenge for the hackathon. You will only have the time to build one solution for one challenge area during the hackathon.  


2. Register. In order to submit an idea or join a team, please log in or “register” to create your account (see above and to the right). You will receive a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address you supply. Once you are registered and logged in, you'll be able to complete the desired action!


3Submit your initial idea to connect with potential teammates! This is just to get you started, you will be able to update and further build out your idea ahead of and during the hackathon.


4. Create Innovative Solutions at the Hackathon. The hackathon will be conducted in-person at the Velocity Center, but for those who are participating remotely, virtual hackathon participants can also participate using the hackathon site. A hackathon is a 2-day event that will be focused on building solutions that address a climate issue within the Southern Maryland Community.

Meet the Judges