Tech Eval Challenge


The Information Management Team (IMT) at the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) makes informed decisions by assessing technology needs and support through defining and providing needs-based solutions, thereby reducing waste and time spent examining solutions that are not. The IMT provides high-quality professional products and services in the retention, security, administration, dissemination, and analysis of data and information in support of the College's pursuit of its mission.


Problem Statement

Currently, software and technology solutions are often purchased and implemented without first clearly defining the problem and business requirements, and then examining whether a solution is already available from the college software inventory. We identified this problem as an institutional dilemma as the focus tends to be on the solution rather than the problem.


The consequences include:

●   Time spent implementing software or technology that does not integrate with our existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, Colleague;

●   There is a duplication of resources and personnel; and

●   Duplicative software or technology.


IMT members are left to identify means for successful integration without our stakeholders 1st considering IMT human resource availability and the level of effort (LOE) required for full commitment to project implementation initiatives.  The CSM IMT team looks to remedy this issue by developing a sustained process to institutionally evaluate software and technology requests. This would enable the College to systematically and efficiently provide much-needed insight, transparency that will result in better-informed decision-making.


Guiding Question

How might we develop a sustained process to institutionally evaluate software and technology requests for CSM?



Submission Format:

Hackathon submissions will be:


  ● Technical Concept, Workflow, or Model:

       ○ Ex: visual sketches or mockup prototypes

  ● Pitch Presentation

       ○ 10 slide max PowerPoint


Evaluation Criteria

  Evaluation Criteria:

  Criteria Question

Min Score

Max Score

  Ease of Adoption:

  Can the solution be adopted and implemented in a streamlined manner?




  Can the solution viably evaluate the full-suite, technology landscape of the CSM IT department?



  Problem Assessment

  Can the solution help user’s assess if a problem is currently being solved with existing software?




  Can the solution be integrated into CSM IT systems and processes?