Check out these helpful resources to prepare for the design-thinking and creative brainstorming required to build a solution for the hackathon.


Brainstorming Resources                                                                                                 

Brainstorming is an ideation technique for coming up with many possible solutions to a given problem. While brainstorming, you’re in divergent thinking mode, which is a generative, open, and creative mindset that can help you get to innovative solutions. Of course, the more diverse the experiences and perspectives of the people around the table, the richer the results of your brainstorming efforts.


Brainstorming Resources – IDEO U




Ideation Method: Mash-Up

Any great ideation session begins with a well-framed opportunity. We use something we call “How Might We” statements—an optimistic, solutions-oriented starting point. It’s critical that a How Might We statement allows for a broad set of solutions, but is narrow enough that we know where to start. For example, in a challenge around improving the patient experience at a hospital, one of our ideation sessions began with “How might we better support patients’ families in the hospital?”


Ideation Method: Mash-Up – IDEO U



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